Newspaper articles and op-eds

“HBO’s new show explores HIV in the 1980s. 40 years later, stigma and prejudice are still going strong.” The Washington Post. 19 February 2021 (with Andrew Reynolds)

“Had LGBT voters stayed home, Trump might have won the 2020 presidential election.” The Washington Post. 1 December 2020 (with Andrew Flores and Andrew Reynolds) (also cited in LGBTQ Nation, Pink News and in another Washington Post article)

“11 openly LGBTQ lawmakers will take their seats in the next Congress. That’s a record in both numbers and diversity.” The Washington Post. 30 November 2020 (with Andrew Flores, Charles Gossett, and Andrew Reynolds)

“Openly LGBTQ candidates are running in record numbers — Again.” The Washington Post. 28 October 2020 (with Andrew Reynolds)

“The ‘Trump Pride’ rally won’t win over LGBTQ Voters. So why hold It?” The Washington Post. 27 October 2020 (with Phillip Ayoub, Zein Murib and Stuart Turnbull-Dugarte)

“The empathy of Black voters” The New Republic. 17 July 2020 (with Andrew Reynolds)

“Pelosi called Trump ‘morbidly obese.’ Voters don’t like overweight candidates.” The Washington Post. 5 June 2020 (with Andrew Reynolds)

“Democrats don’t want to nominate a candidate who looks like Bernie or Joe.” Politico. 24 May 2019 (with Andrew Reynolds)

“The 2018 blue wave included quite a few LGBT wins – even though voters are still wary of gay and trans candidates.” The Washington Post. 25 November 2018 (with Andrew Reynolds) (also published in The Denver Post)

“Does being LGBT hurt your chances of becoming an MP?” PinkNews. 20 April 2017 (with Andrew Reynolds)

Coverage and commentary in media outlet

“As states pursue a wave of anti-LGBTQ laws, cities move in the opposite direction.” NBC News. 18 November 2021

“American voters are more likely to say they won’t vote for an LGBTQ+ candidate.” them. 12 August 2021

“Openness about health struggles is part of ‘new normal’ for politicians.” National Journal. 12 August 2021

“Lesbian, gay and trans politicians still face ‘electoral discrimination’, eye-opening study finds.” PinkNews. 10 August 2021

“Is the U.S. Supreme Court changing gear on LGBT+ rights?” Reuters. 2 July 2021

“State of LGBT+ rights after Biden’s first 100 days.” Reuters. 30 April 2021

“Biden scrambles Plan B on LGBT+ rights as Equality Act meets resistance.” Reuters. 13 April 2021 (also published in The Japan Times, Openly)

“Taylor Swift, Cher, Tim Cook call on Senate to pass LGBT+ Equality Act.” Reuters. 26 February 2021 (also published in Openly)

“What are U.S. President-Elect Joe Biden’s LGBT+ policy plans?” Reuters. 19 January 2021 (also published in Openly)

“U.S. Georgia run-off elections: What’s at stake for LGBT+ rights?” Reuters. 4 January 2021 (also published in PinkNews, Yahoo News, The Hindustan Times)

“Do Homophobic Attack Ads Work? It’s Complicated.” NBC News. 17 November 2020

“Torres and Jones Win, Will Become 1st Gay Black Members of Congress.” The New York Times. 4 November 2020

“Trump Woos LGBT+ Americans as Polls Hand Gay Vote to Biden.” Reuters. 29 October 2020

“What Pope Francis’s Comments about Gay Families Could Mean for LGBTQ Attitudes Worldwide.” The Washington Post. 21 October 2020

“Political Candidates Face Uptick in Anti-LGBTQ Attack Ads.” NBC News. 20 October 2020

“Record Number of LGBT+ Candidates Set to Run in U.S. Election.” Reuters. 10 October 2020 (also published in the The Huffington Post, Haaretz, The Jerusalem Post, The Hindustan Times)

“Are Some Democratic Voters Reluctant To Support A Gay Candidate?” FiveThirtyEight. 7 November 2019

“7 Questions with Gabriele Magni on Candidate Identity.” The Campaign Workshop Blog. 3 July 2019

“Pete Buttigieg Could Become the First Gay President. Americans Are Ready for One.” The Washington Post. 26 March 2019

My research has also been covered or I have been quoted in Attitude (UK), Crusoé (Brazil – also here), Bloomberg (also here), The Christian Science Monitor, and Letra P (Argentina).

Other writing

“Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender Candidates Still Face Electoral Discrimination in Advanced Democracies, Including the UK.” London School of Economics British Politics and Policy Blog. 10 August 2021 (with Andrew Reynolds) (also covered by PinkNews)

“Women Politicians More Likely to Reply to People Who Reach Out in Need, Study Shows.” The Conversation. 19 October 2020 (with Zoila Ponce de Leon) (also published by Yahoo! News)

“How Gender Affects the Response Rates of Politicians to Inquiries about Healthcare and Unemployment Support.” London School of Economics European Politics and Policy blog. 21 August 2020 (with Zoila Ponce de Leon)

“Economic Inequality Generates Selective Solidarity that Penalizes Immigrants.” London School of Economics European Politics and Policy blog. 3 August 2020