Loyola Marymount University

Comparative Politics (Fall 2019, Spring 2020) (Syllabus)

Politics of the European Union (Fall 2019) (Syllabus)

Politics of the Global Economy (Spring 2020) (Syllabus)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Introduction to European Government (Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Spring 2017)
Syllabi: Fall 2015; Spring 2016; Spring 2017

Teaching Assistant

Introduction to International Relations (Fall 2014, Spring 2015)
Introduction to Comparative Politics (Spring 2014)
Introduction to European Government (Fall 2013)

Research Consultant and Academic Tutor

I have worked as a research consultant for the upper-level undergraduate seminar Sexuality, Race, Gender: Identity and Political Representation. In this role, I have helped students to set up their research projects and develop their research ideas, and I have provided guidance with data collection and analysis.

I have also served as an academic tutor for student-athletes in a program that reported to the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost. I have been tutoring students in a wide range of courses in political science, research methods, sociology, and Italian.