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The Persistence of Prejudice: Voters Strongly Penalize Politicians with HIV
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Under review

Circles of Solidarity under Covid-19 (with Liesbet Hooghe, Gary Marks, Jeremy Ferwerda) (revise and resubmit, Comparative Political Studies)

Was Pete Buttigieg Electable? LGBTQ Candidates and Identity Framing in Election Campaigns
(with Andrew Reynolds) (talk on the project)

How Do Voters React to Candidates with Disabilities and Identified Health Conditions?
(with Andrew Reynolds)

Peer-reviewed chapters

Elections and the Role of LGBT Issues in the United States and Abroad
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics, 2020 (article)


“LGBTI Issues and Representation in the 2019 European Elections.” Gender UpdateEuropean Journal of Politics and Gender. 2019 (report)

Work in progress

Economic Unfairness, Education, and Political Participation: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach

The Emerging LGBTQ Electorate: Growing Strength and Evolving Attitudes (with Andrew Reynolds)

What’s in a Word? Minority Candidates and Voters’ Perceptions of Electability (with Andrew Reynolds)